Tuesday, April 1, 2014


 Carefree & fancy free.

That is going to be my spring motto. I have so many huge life changes in the works and I could not be more excited about the next couple months. Moving to a new house, our babymoon and most  importantly the arrival of Baby S... so, so wonderful and exciting. I just plan on sitting back and enjoying this very incredible time in my life. I am so blessed.

Top: Soybu | Jeans: Rich & Skinny | Boots: Dolce Vita | Sunglasses: Chanel


  1. Hi Kelly - Just hopped over to your blog and I see that you're just a month behind me!! You look TINY compared to my gynorm belly. :) Hope you're feeling great and wanted to let you know that I'll be doing a giveaway to a super fabulous online maternity store here in a couple of months. Don't miss out!! :)

    1. Hi Sarah-
      Thank you so much for stopping by! I just went on over to your blog & I LOVE it!! I hope you are feeling great as well and I will definitely check out that maternity store giveaway! Sounds fabulous!
      Xx Kelly