Friday, April 18, 2014


Babymoons. A must for expecting couples.

Last week David & I adventured to the beautiful JW Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Arizona. It was so incredible. We had fantastic food, amazing views, relaxed by the various pools, were lazy in the lazy river and just enjoyed some quality R & R. The resort was such a great place to just unwind and get away. We had so much fun. I highly recommend this resort to anyone who is looking for a one-stop-shop vacation resort. It is both adult and kid friendly making it an excellent choice for your next trip!

Before I was pregnant I didn't believe in babymoons, now that I am pregnant, I believe in them more than ever. It is so important to get that quality time in with your significant other before the little bundle of joy arrives. After your baby arrives it will never just be the two of you again, you are now responsible for a tiny human. So my advice to anyone who is expecting is-- take a babymoon, it is sooooo worth it.

Dinner at Roys. Best food ever.

One of the many delicious desserts we tried at the resort. We did not hold back when it came to dessert. ;-)

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