Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Before Or After A Day Well Lived.

Session Kitchen. Hands down best meal I have had in awhile. 

I had one of the best dinners EVER a couple weeks ago at a new Denver hot spot, Session Kitchen. This new restaurant located on S. Pearl Street has a seasonal menu with great ambiance and so many must try items. Here are a couple menu selections that I highly recommend. 

  • Brisket Buns (starter)- Seriously so freakin' amazing. This starter has beef brisket, cream cheese & BBQ sauce all baked into a bun--- I was in love. Beef + cream cheese = key to my heart.
  • Rosemary Lamb Collar (entree)- This entree will literally melt in your mouth. The lamb is cooked all day, so it just falls off the bone, with ugly goat cheve gnudi (Sessions way of saying goat cheese), arugula, pistachios, apricot and Lamb Jus. I have always liked lamb, but this particular dish has made me LOVE it.
  • Smokey & the European (adult beverage)- While I was not able to try this adult beverage, I was able to see how it is prepared and heard from my brother and husband it was absolutely a must try. This beverage combines Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Amaro, Green Chartreuse & Smoked Mesquite to add the special effects of presentation and taste. Not only is it delicious, it is so entertaining! I will definitely be trying this beverage post pregnancy.
  • Cronuts (dessert)- Ummm cronuts. Yesss please. They come in chocolate and cream cheese glazed... we obviously ordered both. So so yummmmmyyy!!!!

 Just writing this blog post is making my mouth water. Visit Session Kitchen, you will not regret it.

Smokey & the European


  1. my husband was just telling me about cronuts the other day!! I'm so jealous! I would so smash some right this second! Everything looks amazing! Carylee |

    1. Cronuts are sooooo good!!! You will definitely need to try some soon!

      Xx Kelly