Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Celeb Pregnancy Style

Princess Kate looking stunning (as usual) in a peach Tara Jarmon coat and a dress from a private dress maker (image via).
With just 9 days until my due date, time feels like it has just stopped. 

Every Braxton Hicks contraction I have, I think is this it?? Is it is time now?? To my disappointment, so far it has all been just that Braxton Hicks— false alarm. Everyone who has kids tells me-- "don't wish this time away, it is the last time you will sleep for months, years even. Once those kiddos come, sleep-- the way you enjoyed sleep pre-kids-- is NEVER the same." I know they are right, but the waiting game seems to keep me up at night these days anyways. I figure since I am already awake most nights, might as well have a little bundle of joy to keep me company, right?!!
Today I wanted to share with you my favorite celebrity style icons while they were pregnant. These ladies have impeccable style and really rocked pregnancy, looking fabulous in everything they wore.
Who is your favorite pregnant actress??

Olivia Wilde in her gorgeous Gucci gown at the Golden Globes (image via).
Olivia Wilde in a fabulous royal blue sheath from David Koma (image via).
Kristin Cavallari looking stunning in an ALC Maxi (left, image via) and in her Oscar maternity wear from Alexander McQueen (right, image via).
The always radiant Beyonce looked incredible while she was pregnant-- so beautiful! (image left via, right via)


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