Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Preparing for Baby & The Monthly Bump-Date!

32 weeks have come and gone. If everything goes according to plan, there should only be one more Bump-Date before Baby Girl Sutton arrives!! Time flies when your tummy is growing exponentially.

So what have we been doing in these final weeks to prepare for the arrival of this little girl?? Along with the essentials like preparing the nursery and buying baby supplies, we have been very busy taking classes. Let me tell you, I highly recommend these to all new parents to be.

When we first got pregnant, I vowed to become the most prepared mom possible. So I signed up for 4 different baby preparation classes. So far these have been amazing. Here are the ones I have taken and recommend:

CPR & First Aid
- So essential. Learning these basic techniques can save your baby's life. To us taking this class was absolutely mandatory.

Infant Care & Early Parenting- Such a great class. This class covers a multitude of topics. Some of the many topics are what to buy for baby, setting expectations for the first couple of weeks after the baby’s arrival, choosing a pediatrician, diapering, bathing, illness, sleeping, crying... basically this class answers all those questions of what the heck do I do once the baby gets here?!!

Childbirth Preparation Class- Best class ever. When David and I started this class about 4 weeks ago, I was super nervous-- I mean labor is the scariest part of pregnancy-- at least to me it is. But once this class began, our instructor, Martha at Rose Medical Center, put my mind to ease. Something that gave me anxiety just to think about no longer does. It covers almost every possible scenario of what can happen during child birth, how to know when you are actually going into labor, gives you comfort techniques, and ways to get through any birthing scenario- relaxed and calm. To me this is priceless. My fellow classmates all agree, especially the 3 couples who went into early labor last weekend!

And finally the last class we are taking on July 19th--Breastfeeding- I am hoping this class will give me the tricks of the the trade since I plan on breastfeeding Baby Girl Sutton for a couple months. ;-)

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29 Weeks
30 Weeks

31 Weeks
32 Weeks

We are having Ryder do his share of baby prep as well.... ;-)
(Ryder not pictured.. this is what we wish Ryder would act like. Oh puppies!! ;-))


  1. I'll be taking all of these classes as well - I think they will be a great start to becoming a mom! You look so beautiful! And I'm dying at the photo of your dog reading the book! Ha!

    1. Hi Niki!! Yes, these classes are amazing, they really taught us so much! I wish that was our dog... unfortunately we would probably never be able to get him to sit like that long enough (if at all) to even take that picture.. hahaha. He is still a puppy and a training-work-in-progress... hahaha.

      Hope you are having a great Wednesday! Xx Kelly

  2. Great post Kelly! You are SO ready to be a Mom!!!